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About Us

Kidron Valley Ministries (KIVAM) is a Christian, rural based community situated at Naminya village Buikwe District in Uganda East Africa.

It has a Board of Directors constituted by two men and three women. The Organization was founded in the year 2000 after reflecting on poverty situation affecting the rural communities. A key factor which has contributed the situation of HIV/AIDS which has continued to claim the lives of many people in community, men and women which has led to increase the orphans,ugandan widows, vulnerable, starvation of food which has caused many to be sick out of malnutrition, and others in prison as a result of stealing while they find some food for their starving families.

Kidron Valley Ministries was thus formed to respond to the needs of the needy community people in Uganda which has several projects;

Kidron children’s home and orphanage
Kidron Christian primary school
Kidron Health Centre 11
Self sustenance
Housing for widows
Kidron Valley Ministries’ vision:

Orphaned and needy children grow with self esteem and live productive, constructive and resourceful life in their communities.

Kidron Valley Ministries’ Mission:

Meet the immediate needs of vulnerable children and orphans affected by HIV and AIDS in Uganda through the provision of food, shelter, clothing, education and health care.

Kidron Valley Ministries operates seven core projects which include; Kidron children’s home and orphanage , Kidron clinic (health), Self sustenance, Evangelism, and Housing for ugandan widows.

Kidron Valley Ministries follow an adopted Sustainable Livelihoods Framework for two key purposes; holistic/sustainability and contextualization. KIVAM examines the target beneficiaries’ capacity to utilize, and actual utilization of the five capital assets in the livelihoods pentagon (Human, social, natural, physical, and political), in their own lived context, upon which interventions are linked, focusing on short term and long term interventions both at the community and household levels. Evidence based targeting, community driven participation/ownership, and beneficiary impact focus, are the key approaches KIVAM follows.

Currently the scale of KIVAM interventions stands at; in the education program over 230 orphans and vulnerable children are being supported with access to formal education at our own school from different levels of nursery, primary and those children who graduate from the mentioned levels join secondary in the neighbouring schools. More emphasis has been put on promoting quality education by employing well trained teachers and motivating them to offer good services in form of payments. Scholastics are supplied on academic term basis while still in education.

In the Self sustenance program, KIVAM generates income generating activities like crop and animal husbandry where they generate money to support the orphanage and the school that is through sell of milk from the reared cattles, sell of eggs, pigs, goats, maize etc. The ministry also has a farm where orphaned children and widows are trained in sustainable agriculture and techniques of mitigating climate change. Due to the sustenance program, dependency among widows supported by KIVAM has lessened. Widows have been groomed to fend for themselves and for their children under their care.

Under the housing program, KIVAM is set to build houses for widows who take responsibility of fostering children under the ministry and they take care of them by providing feeding, clothing and parental care. The housing program goes beyond mere raising of walls, but also ensures that the lives of people in the household are improved as a totality and their vulnerability reduced.

Under the program kidron clinic (health Care) , KIVAM is offering both direct medication to orphans and the rural community of Naminya, sensitizing on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, hygiene and sanitation. Linkages and referrals are also carried out to patients with complicated issues like cancer but most of the treatment is provided at the onsite clinic which is fully equipped with medication, beds, mosquito nets, laboratory equipment and first aid kits. The clinic is open 24 hours with a trained nurse who attend to the patients.

In the orphanage home, we support girl child orphans from age of one year and above and so far we have supported 25 of them where love, care, attention, spiritual guidance and parental love is paramount. We strongly believe that losing a parent is not the rest of the world and we are determined to bring back hope and a smile on their faces. We provide basic needs of life like shelter, food, clothing, treatment, education etc.

Over the past few years, Kidron children’s home and orphanage has demonstrated its ability to develop and permanently institute long term solutions to increasing number of orphaned children.

Through evangelism ministry, KIVAM reaches to prisoners in Bugungu, Kirinya, Bufulumbi and Bugemebe prisons among others where they are convicted of crimes and placed behind bars and spend most of their time in prison and having no hope of coming out but through our ministry work we have provided supplies like soap, clothing and food and counseling to the inmates, help connect with their families and visiting them generally for support.

This concept therefore serves Kidron Valley Ministries to seek partnership and support from your organisation as you trust us with volunteers who can work with us to change the  lives of the vulnerable groups. Please you can visit our website, for more information.

Since its founding, Kidron Valley Ministries has reached out to thousands of children, aged people in the community.With the help of our donors,we hope to target and extend a helping hand to more needy people.

Our impact and work ensures that there are less children involved in child labor less children in prisons, less children dropping out of school because they have lost a parent, more working widows and a great curb in the spread of HIV/AIDS.


Shiundu Mukuya John was born in Naminya, Wakisi subcounty,Buikwe district. He attended Naminya Church of Uganda Primary School and joined St.Peter’s College Tororo for his secondary education. Shiundu went on Kabete University in Kenya where he majored in Agriculture Economics.

He is married to Barbara Shiundu but they have no biological children of their own. Before starting The Kidron Villey
Ministries, Shiundu worked with S&S Properties Kampala and The Gomba Fishing Industries in Jinja.

“I grew up in poverty. Seeing poverty around me, people suffering, poor sanitation, lack of clean water, having to walk long distances in order to get medication, people dying of HIV/AIDS, I remember having to walk for miles to and from school, and I always thought to myself, “when I grow up, am going to make this better, am going to help my community”

The yearning in Shiundu’s heart did not end there, a near by household lost the parents to HIV/AIDS and they left behind six kids that Shiundu decided to take in. This is how The Kidron Valley Ministries started.He went on to get more orphaned children but with time, space became an issue. “I had bought some land and it was meant for my agricultural projects but we decided to put up a small structure (which is now the school clinic) to house the children.

Our first donation came from The American Embassy and the second donation came from an American Lady named Laura Richardson who helped out a lot in the early stages of the Kidron Orphanage and Children’s Home.