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Kidron’s Profile

Kidron’s Profile

John Shiundu Mukuya (known as “Big John”) is the project director of Kidron. He i Mr. Mukunya was born and raised in the locality. He studied both in Uganda and Kenya, and attained a degree in agriculture, economy, marketing and public relations.

The orphanage was established on John’s passion for helping children because he sees the potential in building his community through education of the younger generation. Pastor John and Barbara both run Kidron Christian Orphanage and primary school located in Naminya, Uganda, Mukono District just outside the city of Jinja. It is  run by Kidron Valley Ministry, a rural community organization and  was registered as an CBO in 2000. we currently support 25 girls at the orphanage who all have no parents and nobody to look after them. They are looked after in the best way possible however supplies are  very limited, there is no running water and no electricity.

However not only are the children looked after they are also taught through attending the primary school and going to church. Kidron brings a sense of community and belonging amongst these children and most importantly Kidron creates a  family for these young girls. They  get to grow up with the sisters they never had and are provided a bed to sleep on and food to eat. Kidron brings a Love, into these girls lives showing that they special and providing them with peace but for us to continue to provide and make positive changes to these young girls and for more children we do need help, we do need funding and we do need your support. There is so much you can do.

We intend to sensitize the community on education, social and developmental matters like encouraging girls to go to school and advocating for children’s rights. we have already started to make changes,​​ click here to find out what we have done so far and also what the future plans are for Kidron.

We require volunteers who have the hearts of the children and needy people foremost in their minds, we have brillant volunter roles available which will prove both profilling for the orphanage and the individual. if you feel that you have what it takes, please hesiate no longer and see how you can get involved!.

​For just $30 a month or about $1 a day you can support a child at the Kidron Valley Orphanage. This money will provide school supplies, books, food, clothing and personal hygiene items, Currently only half of the children are sponsored  please click here to find out more about  how you can help!, and how your donations can truly make all the difference.


This video helps to show and track the progress of kidron and how it has developed through just a years time. As you can see it is a compact compound safe for children and volunteers to live in, a very homely and cosy environment  the atmosphere is relaxed welcoming and not to mention sunny!. The orphan home is almost finished and is shaping up very well.  It’s big – with 5 bedrooms (providing capacity for 60 kids), a common room, ample cooking space, 4 shower rooms, 3 toilets, a washing area, an office, storeroom and an internal grass area.  Once gates are erected across the entrance this will all be contained in the compound.  2 of the bedrooms are completely finished. The remaining rooms require plaster and concrete  floors.


This video is a documentation of a successful project of ours: The chicken Coop Project. The chicken coop began producing strongly, 14 trays per day (which is equivalent to 420 eggs daily).  Big John explained that the coop would break-even each day if 10 trays were sold.  The 10 trays cover after feed, drugs, labour and the kid’s share. The chicken coop has become self-sustainable since the project started as Once the chickens become off layers in 14 months time, they can be sold to fund the next batch of chicks and the feed they need before they start producing eggs. the chicken coop is still providing the orphanage with a small income.  Jobs are created and the children’s diet has improved. take a look at this video, experience a day in the life of a chicken :) !


We intend to sensitize the community on education, social and developmental matters like encouraging girls to go to school and advocating for children’s rights. Our future plans for Kidron  include a vocational training school for orphans and disadvantaged youth and adult. Vocational skill will include carpentry/ wood working; computer skills, tailoring, agriculture, mechanics, metal work, shoe making; art and crafts, catering and nutrition, electronics etc. Our projects are all working towards the aim for Kidron and the development for our organization.