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Self Sustainance

Published on April 7, 2015 under News

Today, The Kidron Valley Ministries’  farm is a mixture of tradition and innovation. It provides food and milk to the children at the orphanage and is the centerpiece of our goal to become more financially self-sustainable. Here are some of our current initiatives:

Flowers and Vegetables
Honoring our past and keeping with Kidron’s tradition, continues to grow flowers and sell weekly bouquets to expatriates, restaurants and hotels in Uganda and Jinja. We also grow specialty vegetables such as artichokes, rhubarb and mushrooms that are sold along with our bouquets.

Large Scale Agriculture
Kidron currently has 2 acres of land under potato and maize cultivation. Two growing seasons a year allows us to continually increase the amount of land under production. Our ultimate goal is to have 2 acres of land under cultivation with proceeds covering a portion of our general operating expenses. This project provides seasonal jobs for more than 40 people in our community.

We have a sustainable forestry project for our 1-acre forest which includes cultivating mature trees, selling lumber and planting new trees. Over the past two years we have grown and planted over 2000 eucalyptus and cypress seedlings as part of this project.

Kidron Valley Ministries is home to a herd of cows. The cows are milked daily, to provide additional nutrition for the children; excess milk is then sold to cover the costs of the project.

In order to revive hope after one has lost a loved one, Kidron Valley Ministries creates a platform for the women in Naminya Community through our self sustainance projects. We offer cows, goats, sheep and pigs for rearing to the women and agriculture seeds to plant. In return, the women give back through seeds after cultivation and more livestock which is again offered to more widows in the community.

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