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Published on April 7, 2015 under News

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Regardless of the motivation, what unites them all is that they find it both challenging and rewarding

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Below are some of the reasons people choose to volunteer. For some it provides an opportunity to:

  1. Give something back to an organisation that has impacted on a person’s life, either directly or indirectly.
  2. Make a difference to the lives of others
  3. Help the environment
  4. Help others less fortunate than they are or without a voice
  5. Feel valued and part of a team
  6. Spend quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle
  7. Gain confidence and self-esteem